Portrait of happy Santa Claus holding Christmas letter and looking at camera

Names for Santa Around the World

In America, most of us most commonly know him as Santa Claus. And if asked for some other names for Santa, we typically think of St. Nick or perhaps Kris Kringle. But as we travel [..more]

Christmas eve scene in a living room

Christmas Eve Traditions

There is nothing quite like the excitement that builds throughout the house on Christmas Eve. The anticipation of Santa delivering presents to all of the children, families gathered together celebrating this wonderful holiday – there [..more]


Receive Texts From Santa!

The most unique way to count down to Christmas! Learn what Santa and his team does to get ready for the big day! Personalized pictures of Santa himself! Each day leading up to Christmas, at [..more]

Portrait of happy Santa Claus holding Christmas letter and looking at camera

The Story of Santa Claus

Santa – the man, the myth, the legend. When we hear his name, we immediately conjure up images of warmth, joy and giving. But who is the real Santa Claus? And just what is the [..more]

High angle view of whole pies and plates with slices. Traditional Thanksgiving desserts include, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie.

Classic Christmas Desserts

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with some classic Christmas desserts? There are few who get through the holiday season without partaking in some holiday baking – be it on the baking side or [..more]

Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Flying Around the World Earth Globe Illustration

The Top Ways to Track Santa

As technology has grown, numerous fun and unique tools have come into our lives that have allowed us to broaden our experiences and our adventures. One way technology has added to the fun and festivities [..more]

Music notes with Christmas decoration close up

The Most Popular Christmas Songs

Christmas is a time for many fun traditions, and one of those is belting out some fantastic Christmas carols. Let’s be honest though…we only sing these songs during the holiday season, so it is easy [..more]

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