Dear Santa – Ideas for the Best Santa Claus Letter

Vector illustration for Christmas letter to Santa Claus

As Christmas approaches, children across the world are focused on one thing – how to get on Santa’s nice list. What better way to accomplish this goal than with a perfectly crafted letter to Santa Claus himself? A great Santa Claus letter will surely help even the most mischievous of children in their efforts to get on Santa’s nice list. To help you get started with this project, here are some great ideas for crafting the ideal Santa Claus letter to ensure you do not get stuck after ‘Dear Santa.’ Once you’re done, check out some cool ways to make sure your child gets a response from the big man in the North Pole himself!

Vector illustration for Christmas letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa

Of course any good letter to Santa begins with an appropriate greeting, and what better way to start than with ‘Dear Santa’? But where do you go from there? Is it best to get right into your wish list or perhaps it is wiser to tell Santa about some of the good things you have done during the year before asking for gifts? There are a lot of templates out there to help in both your design and format. To save you time and effort, here are links to five different templates to ensure your Santa Claus letter looks great and is in perfect form! Simply click on the Template Number to jump directly to the link.

Template 1: This Santa Claus letter includes an adorable checkbox so children can select whether they have been naughty or nice. It also has a section to list gifts on your wish list.

Template 2: This Dear Santa letter is perfect for little kids as it includes a large blank space for a drawing. Young ones will surely earn a spot on Santa’s nice list by taking the time to draw a personalized picture.

Template 3: Love to write? Then this is the Santa Claus letter for you! With tons of free-form writing space, this template allows kids to use their imagination and craft a truly unique letter to Santa.

Template 4: Or maybe you have writer’s block? Check out this letter to Santa which goes above and beyond the typical ‘Dear Santa’ introduction and includes several paragraphs for you to use. Simply insert your wish list, sign it and mail it off!

Template 5: For those who are somewhere in between in their love for writing, this Santa Claus letter is the perfect combination of pre-filled text with blank space. Children can enter their name, what they did this year to earn a spot on Santa’s nice list and their wish list. It also includes some additional text as well to make the letter a bit longer and more detailed.

All of these Santa Claus letter templates will help kids craft a note that will impress the big man and certainly merit a return letter!

depositphotos_33346707_l-2015How to Ensure You Receive a Letter from Santa

Once your child mails off that perfect letter to Santa, you of course want to ensure that he/she receives a reply. Believe it or not there are a multitude of options with many templates out there. This list is sure to include the perfect letter to Santa template to suit your needs. More importantly, you will guarantee your child has a magical Christmas and what can be more rewarding than that? Click on each section heading to visit the site and explore for yourself!

Free Letters from Santa Claus

This web site allows you to select from five different templates for creating a unique letter from Santa. This is ideal if you have multiple children and want each child to receive a different letter. You then have the option to customize your letter with your child’s name, age, a present they asked for and an accomplishment they achieved during the year. Of course, no letter from Santa is official without Santa’s signature, and each letter is signed by Santa Claus himself. This is a quick and easy site where you can create a custom letter from Santa in just a few minutes.

Free and Pay Letters from Santa

In just three easy steps this site allows you to create a customizable and printable letter from Santa. There are two letter from Santa template options that are completely free, and you can choose from three different messages with this free option. However, if you feel like taking your letter from Santa to the next level, for just a few dollars you can choose from over twenty letter from Santa template options and fourteen personalized messages. You will also receive personalized envelopes, a Nice List Certificate, a coloring book and an autographed photo of Santa! This is definitely a fantastic way to mix up the typical letter from Santa and make your child feel extra special this holiday season!

More Free Letters from Santa

There are three letter from Santa template options on this site, and each one allows you to add some customization and personalization. Clear and easy to follow directions are provided to ensure you fill out your letter from Santa correctly and that you have no problems printing it out. It is a guaranteed quick and easy project!

There are many more sites out there offering both free and pay letters from Santa, but these three will surely get you started and meet the needs of most. The holiday season is no time to forget the details so don’t forget to send your Santa Claus letter out on time! Happy writing!