Where is Santa and When Will Santa Be at My House? — The Top Ways to Track Santa

Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Flying Around the World Earth Globe Illustration

As technology has grown, numerous fun and unique tools have come into our lives that have allowed us to broaden our experiences and our adventures. One way technology has added to the fun and festivities at Christmas is to track Santa. Children and adults alike can literally watch Santa make his journey around the world as he brings Christmas to children everywhere. There are now several options out there that enable you to track Santa Claus on his toy-delivering mission each year. Here is a list of the most popular tools available so you can make sure you can answer with confidence when your child asks you “Where is Santa?” and “When will Santa be at my house?”

Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Flying Around the World Earth Globe Illustration

NORAD Tracks Santa

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has been tracking Santa for over 60 years, and the story about how NORAD began to track Santa Claus is a great one. On Christmas Eve in 1955, a little girl actually called the Continental Air Defense Command Operations Center in Colorado. It turns out an ad in a local newspaper had misprinted a phone number which was given out to call Santa directly. This little girl begged the question “Where is Santa?” Luckily for this little girl, the man on duty that night was not about to let her down. Colonel Shoup – who came to be known as the “Santa Colonel” – had his operators find Santa’s location and reported it to the girl. He then proceeded to do the same for every other child who called that night.

NORAD was formed a few years later and this tradition was carried on by this organization. NORAD uses satellites, radars and jet fighters to track Santa as he flies around the world on Christmas Eve. Volunteers work tirelessly on Christmas Eve to answer phone calls and emails. Live updates on the NORAD Tracks Santa web site are provided in seven languages. You can also track Santa Claus through NORAD’s system using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and TroopTube.tv by searching for @noradsanta. There is also a NORAD Track Santa app where you can watch a countdown to Santa’s flight and watch his travels on Christmas Eve. The app also includes games, videos and music.

NORAD is the trendsetter when it comes to tracking Santa, and this is the classic way to track Santa around the globe. Visit www.noradsanta.org for more information on this adventure.

Google Santa Tracker

Throughout the month of December, Google Santa Tracker offers a Santa’s Village Calendar in which users can click on each day of the month. With this calendar, you can play fun activities and even meet some elves. On Christmas Eve, the Google Santa Tracker offers a Santa’s Dashboard which uses Google Maps technology to track Santa Claus around the world. In addition to just tracking Santa, you will also learn a little bit about some of the stops he makes along the way. Users can see where Santa is on the map and visit that location if they so choose. When you visit a location, you can see how far Santa has traveled, gifts he has delivered and where his next stop will be. This way kids won’t need to ask mom and dad “When will Santa be at my house?” The Google Santa Tracker can answer this question for them.

santaSanta Tracker from emailSanta.com

Whether you want to write a letter to Santa, play some Christmas games or listen to some holiday music, emailSanta.com has a lot to offer – even Santa tracking! A great feature with this site is that you can see where Santa is all year-round, not just on Christmas Eve. You can also tweet Santa’s location from the web site. On Christmas Eve, a special Christmas Eve Santa Tracker is provided for the main event.

SantaUpdate.com and TrackingSanta.net

SantaUpdate.com has been tracking Santa from the North Pole since 1991. Offering an interactive web site that allows children to email Santa and his elves and ask questions about Christmas preparations. This site works in conjunction with SantaTracking.net where you can actually watch Santa on the map as he makes his journey. You can also listen to live radio broadcasts from Kringle Radio. Updates are published daily from Thanksgiving to Christmas, along with some occasional posts during the rest of the year. You can receive these updates via text message, and they move to an hourly update on Christmas Eve, continuing until Santa returns to the North Pole early Christmas morning. What a fun way to track Santa!

The Bottom Line on How to Track Santa

There are a number of options when it comes to tracking Santa. You can’t really go wrong with any of the options on this list, but if you want to play it safe and be sure you have a smooth user experience as you track Santa, go for one of the bigger players on this list – NORAD and Google Santa Tracker. These behemoths have the technology and experience to ensure no one is let down with any glitches, and that all parents are able to answer their children when asked “Where is Santa?”