How to Draw Santa

Whether you’re an artist by nature or not, knowing how to draw Santa is just plain fun. Taking a few minutes to learn some simple steps can make drawing Santa quick and easy. And everyone will know exactly who it is. Learning this skill can come in handy in many ways – making holiday cards, decorating delicious sugar cookies and of course impressing your kids and family. So if you want to learn how to draw Santa, read on for some simple steps to follow. We also include some links to videos if you want a more interactive lesson. So grab some paper and a pencil and get ready to have fun!

Phase 1 – Making an Outline for Santa’s Body

Steps 1-3
  1. Draw a circle for Santa’s face near the top of your page.
  2. Draw a horizontal oval underneath the face for Santa’s neck and beard. This oval should slightly overlap the circle for the face.
  3. Draw 2 larger circles for the body. The first of these circles (which will be Santa’s chest) should be slightly larger than the oval for the beard and should slightly overlap the oval for the beard as well. The second of these circles (which will be Santa’s belly) should be even larger and overlap the chest circle above it. In fact, the top of this larger belly circle should intersect the chest circle above it right at the center of the chest circle.

    Steps 4-5
  4. Draw 2 fat ovals for each of Santa’s arms. These ovals should start where the chest circle meets the beard circle and come out to the sides (like Santa is waving). If you prefer, you can make one set of ovals stay down towards Santa’s side so only one arm is waving. This is where the artist’s choice comes into play.
  5. Add a hand to the end of each arm by drawing a mitten shape (like a ‘U’ shape with an extra small hump on the end for a thumb).

    Step 6
  6. Follow a similar approach as you did with the arms to draw Santa’s legs. Draw 2 short, fat ovals coming down from his belly. They can slightly overlap the belly circle. Then draw his feet by adding two smaller ovals, but rather than standard ovals make them more boot-shaped. Be mindful that Santa is bigger on the top than he is on the bottom so do not make the ovals for the legs too long.

At this point your Santa should look more like a snowman than a Santa – and that is perfect. Everything else will fall into place as we move into Phase 2.

Phase 2 – Drawing Santa’s face

Steps 1-2
  1. Draw Santa’s nose. On the lower portion of Santa’s face, draw a circle-like shape for Santa’s nose. Leave a small opening at the top of the circle, and at the bottom make more of a heart shape (the top of the heart). These will be Santa’s nostrils.
  2. Draw Santa’s mustache – Draw an ‘S’ shaped curve coming out from either side underneath Santa’s nose. Then make the bottom of the mustaches by making a zig-zag line from one side to the other.

    Steps 3-4
  3. Draw Santa’s cheeks. Draw 2 small circles – one on each side near the top of Santa’s nose.
  4. Draw Santa’s eyes. Draw 2 ‘U’ shaped curves for Santa’s eyes right above his cheeks. Draw a small circle in the middle of each eye for the pupils.

    Steps 5-6
  5. Draw Santa’s eyebrows. Above each of Santa’s eyes, draw an arc-shaped line. Then round this up and around as you draw the top part of the eyebrow use a zig-zag line as you did for the mustache.
  6. Draw Santa’s beard. Starting about halfway down the circle for Santa’s head, begin to draw zig-zag lines down either side. Bring these lines down on both sides, following the outline of the beard circle you drew earlier. These 2 lines should then meet as you come in around the bottom of the beard circle. You can come a bit below the beard circle you drew so Santa’s beard comes slightly over the chest circle.

    Step 7
  7. Draw Santa’s hat. We all know what Santa’s hat looks like so make a rectangle shape with rounded edges for the bottom fur of the hat. From there, you can use soft lines to make a Santa hat that flops off to one side or you can have Santa’s hat stick up straight. Again, you are the artists here.
  8. Draw the mouth. Make a ‘U’ shape coming down from the center of the mustache.

Phase 3 – Adding Santa’s Clothes and Coloring

Step 1
  1. Adding some life to the outline of Santa. Go back over the circles and ovals making up Santa’s body, but start to use longer, straighter lines to connect the pieces together. So, for example, use a straight line to connect the ovals for the arms. Be sure to only outline the outer edges. Once done, you can erase all of the intersecting shapes in the middle of your design as you no longer need them to guide you.

    Step 2
  2. Add in Santa’s clothing details. Add the fur trim to his clothing and his black belt.

    Step 3
  3. Color in your Santa!

If you are more of a visual learner, check out some of these links for video step-by-step instructions on how to draw Santa.

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