Texts From Santa Renewed My Belief In Christmas

Santa Claus texting. Close-up of Happy Santa Claus typing message on the mobile phone and smiling while sitting at his chair

tfs1So every year Christmas decorations go out earlier and earlier in stores. It’s a bit much if you ask me. Now don’t get me wrong – I love Christmas. As a mom of 3 little kids (9 year old twins and a 6 year old), seeing my kids’ faces on Christmas morning brings me pure joy. As their faces light up, I am reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. But the days leading up to Christmas can be very stressful. All of the planning, parties, baking – I used to find myself feeling worn down and losing my holiday spirit.

And then I found Texts From Santa – and I found myself enjoying the entire month of December. I had found my Christmas spirit again courtesy of a few text messages. A friend of mine had heard about these text messages and told me about it. So we decided to sign up. It was simple enough. You have the option on the sign-up page to enter your child’s name, gender, age, a pet they may have and even the name of your elf (if you partake in that craze). None of these are required, but if you do this the messages you receive go from great to absolutely magnificent. But I am getting ahead of myself….

Santa Claus texting. Close-up of Happy Santa Claus typing message on the mobile phone and smiling while sitting at his chair

So I signed up and waited. And when December 1st came, my phone went off. I opened it up and then handed the phone to my kids. As they read their first text from Santa they looked almost confused at first. Was this real? And I began to doubt why I signed up and added something else to an already stressful time. And then their faces lit up. They were totally floored! I was able to set the exact time of day when the messages would come so I picked a time when we are all home. I also saved the incoming number as ‘Santa’ on my phone with his own ring tone. My kids ATE IT UP!

Now this alone was enough to sell me. But then I found myself getting into it. These messages are no joke! Real videos and pictures of reindeer, texts that talked about our fish and our Elf Buddy  – these messages were legit. . Any doubt in my 9 year olds’ eyes vanished and I felt like I had my babies back. I was even able to send 3 of my own custom messages to my kids during the month – I of course used some to control some bad behavior but who can blame me? Speaking of bad behavior, several of the texts we received reminded my kids that Christmas is a time of kindness and good deeds. They were actually given good deeds to do – acts of kindness, cleaning their room (Thank you!). And they happily did them all knowing that Santa was truly watching. And before I forget, I have to mention the grand finale – I was able to upload a pic of my Christmas tree to the Texts From Santa parent portal and on Christmas morning the last message my kids received was a selfie of Santa in front of OUR  tree! Talk about cool!

tfs3Texts From Santa has become a new holiday tradition in my family – one that has quickly become my favorite. It makes me stop each day and spend a moment with my kids – a moment where we find ourselves amused and amazed. It brings total joy to my kids and total stress relief to me. It brought me back to my own childhood and has made me a true believer once again. I highly recommend you check this out for yourself – it is not only a gift to your kids, but a gift to yourself. So go straight to the Texts From Santa site and sign up now! It even has me pushing Christmas early…