How Old Is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus blowing snow to blue little town at night

Even though Santa Claus has a white beard and hair, implying he is older, he seems to be frozen at that stage, not aging additional years. And given how much work he does on Christmas Eve, he has to be in pretty good shape in order to get all of the gifts delivered in one night. In fact, there is a ton of work to do year-round to get ready for Christmas. An old man would just not have the energy for this. So how old is Santa Claus? Let’s take a closer look.

Saint Nicholas

Santa Claus was born out of Saint Nicholas, a Christian who was born in the year 270 AD. Now if Saint Nicholas was the actual physical being that is Santa Claus today that would make him over 1,740 years old (1,746 years old to be exact). So he would be the oldest being on our planet by far. This certainly defies science and the laws of nature. But Saint Nicholas died in the year 343 AD. It is really the spirit of Saint Nicholas and what he represents – charity, giving, protecting children – that developed into the being that is Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas inspired Santa Claus to take on the mountainous task of delivering joy to children across the world each year. But when did this begin?

So How Old Is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus has been delivering gifts to boys and girls for as long as most of us can remember. Stories of his sleigh led by magical reindeer date back to the 1820’s with the publication of “The Night Before Christmas.” This was one of the first documentations of Santa how we think of him today in his red suit and a merry disposition. But we can go back even earlier – to the 1770s – when Washington Irving wrote a book describing St. Nick coming down chimneys to deliver presents. So this makes this man at least 240 years old. We need to add on some additional years as Santa was already looking to be an older man by the time he was delivering these presents so let’s say this puts Santa at around 300 years old. Not as implausible as 1,746, but it still seems a bit impossible for one man to live this long. Or is it?

Portrait of Santa Claus Drinking milk from glass. Greeting card background

As we all know, magical reindeer food helps Santa’s reindeer fly at super speed on Christmas Eve night so he can make his journey around the world. So if the reindeer have magical food then wouldn’t Santa have some as well? Of course he would! While most of us start our day with a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, Santa has a special drink with breakfast. Prepared carefully by Mrs. Claus, this power shake contains a number of secret ingredients indigenous to the North Pole. The ingredients in this drink keep Santa feeling young and prevent the aging process from happening.

Brussels sprouts under the snowMrs. Claus discovered these ingredients when Santa was approaching his early 60’s and was beginning to feel tired and run-down from all of the Christmas preparations. She needed to come up with a way for Christmas to continue, so she sent the elves out in search of local plant life. They stumbled upon two unique plants they had never seen before. The leaves of these plants contain special phytonutrients that stop the aging process! Leaves from these plants go into Santa’s breakfast shake each and every day. Fortunately, the leaves on these plants grow back quickly, so there is a never-ending supply for Santa.

So while he appears to be an older man, he no longer physically ages and will remain feeling young and energized for all the days to come. Mrs. Claus of course partakes in the drink as well as she needs to assist Santa with Christmas preparations. This power shake gets Santa and Mrs. Claus moving each day and is the secret to their longevity.

The Ageless Wonder

While no one knows Santa’s true age, we do know he is at least 300 years old. We have the tales of his journeys to prove it. From there, it is anyone’s guess really. And he certainly does not look or act like a man that is this old thanks to his morning nutrition. Santa’s ‘Fountain of Youth’ shake is certainly something we would all like to get our hands on, but good luck finding his secret location in the North Pole and deciphering those secret ingredients. Perhaps we should just be happy that he and Mrs. Claus have it so we can all enjoy Christmas every year and know that this tradition will be able to continue on indefinitely.