Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Possibly the Best Christmas Tradition Yet

An image of a people wearing ugly christmas sweaters.

With Christmas comes many traditions. Decorating the tree, hanging the stockings by the fireplace, baking Christmas cookies and Secret Santa are just some of the many ways we celebrate Christmas. But perhaps one of the most fun and humorous holiday traditions is the ugly Christmas sweater. Now for some people these sweaters are no joke. In fact, they take their Christmas sweaters very seriously. To these people, these sweaters are a fashionable display of the Christmas spirit and holiday cheer. They are worn proudly. Be careful not to insult these Christmas sweater fanatics!

But for the majority of people wearing these sweaters, it is more a celebration of just how unfashionable these items are. Ugly Christmas sweaters are many things. They are bright. They are bold. They often have 3D objects popping off of them, such as a Rudolph nose or a scarf. Many of them shimmer and sparkle (but not in a good way). It has now become a trend to own an ugly Christmas sweater so you can be sure to wear it at least once during the holiday season. In fact, a search on the internet for ‘ugly Christmas sweaters’ brings back an array of results, with many places selling these fabulously hideous items. In the spirit of ugly Christmas sweaters, here are some great reasons to buy one if you do not already own one. Plus we hook you up with some great ideas for making your own ugly Christmas sweater!

sweater1The Top 3 Uses for Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – Yes, there is a day set aside specifically for you to wear your ugly Christmas sweater. Mark your calendars for December 16th. Be sure to have your sweater clean and ready to go so you do not miss out on this fun and festive day!
  • An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party – Invite all of your friends and family over to have the best holiday party yet. All guests must wear an ugly Christmas sweater. During the party, have your guests vote on the top 3 ugliest sweaters and give out prizes to the winning guests. This adds such a fun element to a party. It is also a great icebreaker if you have guests that may not know each other.
  • Secret Santa – Don’t know what to get your Secret Santa? Fear not! An ugly Christmas sweater is sure to be the perfect gift. It is humorous, fits the holiday spirit and is sure to come in handy. Who wouldn’t want one for Christmas this year?

How to Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

Don’t feel like investing the money to buy  an ugly Christmas sweater? Or perhaps you are crafty and love making things. Then this is your chance to shine! Here are some great ideas for making your own ugly Christmas sweater at home:sweater

  • Garland and tinsel – All you need is some garland and tinsel to outline a Christmas tree on your sweater. Be sure to go over the top and add a glitter start on top.
  • Glitter glue – A cheap pack of glitter glue is all you need to design a tacky holiday sweater. Create any design you like, from a snowman to bells. The sky is the limit.
  • Bottlecap Tree – Use leftover bottlecaps and hot glue them to your sweater in the shape of a Christmas tree. Talk about ugly!
  • Ornamental Fun – Hot glue or pin ornaments all over your sweater. The more the better and the bigger the better!
  • Jingle bells – A sweater that makes noise when you walk is truly the best when it comes to ugly sweaters. Attach bells anywhere you can and be sure to annoy your guests all night long.
  • Rudolph – All you need is some felt and googly eyes. Cut out a reindeer face and glue it to your sweater. Add giant googly eyes, a red nose and antlers. Extra tip – trace your hand to make perfect antlers. Cheap and easy!

The options go on and on and are truly limitless. This is a great project for young and old alike, and you will surely have fun revisiting your sweaters each year. So if you have not already hopped on the ugly Christmas sweater bandwagon do not delay! This is one of the most fun ways to celebrate the holidays! So have yourself an ugly little Christmas!