The Best Christmas Light Shows in America

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to take a drive with my family to see some of the beautiful displays of lights in my surrounding neighborhoods. We all know some people put more effort into this than others. And some people go way over the top, putting on more than a display. They put on a Christmas light show. Typically, a huge amount of lights are used – well into the thousands and tens of thousands. These shows often incorporate other visual displays, music and even real-life characters. Some of these Christmas light shows are simply breathtaking. The time and energy that goes into these is phenomenal, and it shows how much these people truly care about the holidays. Check out this list of the top 5 Christmas light shows in America. And if you don’t live near any of these houses, we have included a link so you can at least see them online. Enjoy!

Beautiful Christmas light display.

The Top 5 Christmas Light Shows in America

  1. Sarajevo (Carol of the Bells) Christmas Light Show – On the corner of Lafayette and Ruschin in Newark, California, a music teacher has taken holiday lights to the extreme. Almost everything is built from scratch, and the display includes a 17 foot guitar and a 19 foot piano. The display uses around 70,000 lights and it is all choreographed to music. This will blow you away. If you cannot see it in person, then you can at least watch it here.
  2. The Johnson Family Light Show – Started in 2013, the Johnson Family Light Show was the first to be featured on ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.” This is not your traditional light display. There are no inflatables or even traditional Christmas music. In fact, rather than lights, the Johnsons use pixels which can each individually be set to a certain color and intensity. The music is composed by the Johnsons themselves and is a mix of family sound bites, movie clips, Dubstep and more. This show was born out of a tech wizard (Mr. Johnson) and his creative counterpart (Mrs. Johnson). For more information, visit their web site by clicking here.
  3. The Real Griswold House – The Balian House located in Altadena, California, is a pink mansion that lights up Los Angeles at Christmas time. This family owns the Balian ice cream company, and their 3.5 acre piece of property is decorated with tens of thousands of lights. What’s even better is the home’s proximity to Christmas Tree Lane which features a row of large cedar trees all beautifully decorated for Christmas. This adds to the effect of the house and secures it a spot on this list. Click here for more information.
  4. The Christmas House – Head to the Bronx in New York and pull up to the Christmas House. The Garabedian family uses over 800 amps of electricity for their display, which runs from Thanksgiving to January 6th. That is a lot of electricity! What makes this light show unique is the addition of 170 mannequins with representations of characters ranging from Donald Duck to Michael Jackson. Despite the lavish cost associated with this display, the family does not ask for donations and any money that is collected is donated to charity. What Christmas spirit! Check out photos of this awesome spectacle here.
  5. Neighborhood Synchronization – Yes, believe it or not this entire neighborhood in Yucaipa, California synchronized their lights. Talk about a team effort. You have to see it to believe it, so check it out right here.

Beautiful Christmas lights display.

Honorable Mentions

While not part of our top 5, check out our 2 honorable mentions. These houses went way out and put in extra time and effort to wow their neighbors with wonderful Christmas light shows. These are definitely worth a look!

Oviedo, Florida

Oregon, Ohio

Light Up the Holidays

Christmas light shows inspire and awe us. As we drive around during December, they remind us of the peace and beauty that Christmas represents. But some people take it to the extreme. And these Christmas light shows are worth going out of our way to see. So if you are not close enough to take a drive to see them, be sure to use the links here to check them out. It is time well spent. Hopefully, it will inspire you to go the extra mile with you own Christmas light show this year.