50 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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Stocking stuffers are a staple when it comes to Christmas shopping. Everyone – adults and kids alike – love to take their stocking down from the fireplace and see what cool little items have been placed inside. Maybe you have some traditional items you always use as stocking stuffers in your family, but perhaps you are in search of some new stocking stuffer ideas. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Check out this list of 50 great stocking stuffer ideas. This list is so expansive, it is sure to give everyone something new to add to their stockings this year. Check it out!

  1. Candy – You really can’t go wrong here. A small box of chocolates, candy canes, anything goes. Satisfy the sweet tooth of your stocking owner.
  2. Decorative Wine Stoppers – This is the perfect gift for your wine connoisseur. Stoppers come in all sorts of fun designs so pick one that really says something about the person you are giving them to.
  3. Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets – Who doesn’t want a chance to win some money? Make Christmas morning even more special with some prize-winning excitement!
  4. Headbands – Whether you go for fashion headbands or sporty ones, these are a great stocking stuffer idea for women and girls.
  5. Ear Buds – A new pair of headphones is a great find inside any stocking so be sure to take advantage of this one!
  6. Change Purse – A decorative change purse is a great idea for kids and even for some adults.
  7. Message Socks – There are some crazy socks out there these days so have fun shopping around and snatching up some wild pairs!
  8. Flavored Lip Balm – Kids and adults are on the flavored lip balm wagon so this is a great idea for just about anyone.
  9. Movie Tickets – Any movie lover will be very excited to find a gift certificate for a free movie in their stocking.
  10. Bottle Opener – You can opt for a standard opener or one of the more inventive ones on the markets – such as magnet and shoe openers.Closeup Christmas sock and wreath on wood
  11. Phone Case – This is a practical gift that can be both fashionable and useful.
  12. Cards – A standard deck of playing cards is always good to have on hand and can leads to hours of fun on a snowy day.
  13. Travel Games – Travel-size games of any kind are a great gift to keep kids occupied on long car rides.
  14. USB Drive – A USB drive is another great gift that will get put to good use by almost anyone.
  15. Gourmet Coffee – Coffee lovers will feel truly appreciated when they open up a sampler of gourmet coffees. What a great way to start Christmas morning.
  16. Mugs – The options abound here with cool message mugs and even hand decorated mugs. Make it special with a little customization.
  17. Temporary Tattoos – Kids and even adults have a ton of fun with temporary tattoos. Get inked up for the holidays!
  18. Stress Ball – Get rid of holiday stress with a stress ball in your stocking Christmas morning.
  19. Homemade Baked Goods – There is no better way to show you love someone than by taking the time to make something yourself. Bite-size treats can be wrapped up and placed inside stockings to show everyone you care.
  20. Key Chain – A new key chain is always a great accessory!
  21. Water Bottle – Fitness enthusiasts can never have enough water bottles so add to their collection.
  22. Books – Despite technology’s rise, many of us still love to cuddle up with a good book. This is a great stocking stuffer for your bookworm.
  23. Gift Cards – Small gift cards to local coffee shops, juice bars or other small shops are a great way to make loved ones smile on Christmas morning.
  24. Flavored Hot Chocolate – Winter is a time for hot cocoa so add to the collection with some specialty flavors.
  25. Bubbles – This is another great idea for kids to keep them happy any day of the week.
  26. Play-Doh – Small tubs of play-doh are a great indoor activity to boost the imagination.
  27. Gum – Super cheap and easy to get, gum is a great little item to toss into stockings.
  28. Nail Polish – Have fun with crazy colors here!
  29. Money Clip – A useful item to have, a money clip is an unexpected stocking item so surprise someone this year.
  30. Ornament – What a great tradition to place one new ornament in everyone’s stoking each year.
  31. Journal – Your writer will love a new journal to keep track of their thoughts and ideas.
  32. Selfie Stick – What better time to start using a selfie stick than the holidays?
  33. Coasters – Themed coasters are a fun way to show someone you know them well.
  34. Slippers – After a long day of cooking and gift giving, a warm, cozy pair of slippers is essential.
  35. Bubble Bath – Soak your holiday stress away with a luxurious bubble bath.
  36. Perfume or Cologne – If your loved one has a special scent they wear, keep them stocked by adding to their collection.Christmas Tree & Fireplace Decorations
  37. Hat and Scarf – We all lose our hats and scarves constantly, so keep everyone warm with a new pair in their stockings.
  38. Decorative Magnets – Decorate your fridge with fun and unique magnets.
  39. Travel Mug – Your commuter will love a new travel mug to keep them energized and hydrated on the go!
  40. Planner – If you have an organizer in your home, then a planner for the coming year is a perfect gift!
  41. Make-up – Small make-up items are the perfect sized item to toss into stockings.
  42. Scented Candles – Bring your loved ones’ favorite scents home with scented candles.
  43. Reusable Tote Bag – This is the ideal environmentally friendly gift.
  44. Magazine subscription – A subscription to a magazine of interest shows how much you care and truly know others.
  45. Movies – Add to the DVD and BlueRay collection. A sure fire hit!
  46. Yo-Yo – A classic toy for kids and adults!
  47. Mad Libs – Everyone will have hours of fun with this creative and hilarious word game!
  48. Sunglasses – A new pair of shades is always needed for those bright, yet chilly, winter days.
  49. Hand and Foot Warmers – Stay warm this winter with hand and foot warmers – a great gift for those skiers and snowboarders!
  50. Coupon Book – A homemade coupon book never goes out of style and never expires!

There is surely something for everyone on this list – old and young, men and women, adults and kids. Try some new stocking stuffers this year and surprise your friends and family with some great ideas!