Classic to Crazy Christmas Door Decorations

Christmas ball on the Christmas tree in the background scenery

No matter how many Christmas decorations you put up inside your home, what people see the most are what you put up outside your home. And your door is the perfect blank canvas on which to project your Christmas spirit. You can keep your Christmas door decorations simple and traditional or you can get creative and really go crazy. But choose carefully. Think about how many times you will open and close your front door during the holiday season. Be sure to use decorations that will make you proud each and every time you open your door. In case you’re out of ideas and looking for some new ones, check out this collection of Christmas door decoration ideas. From classic to crazy, this list is full of suggestions that will make you the talk of the town this Christmas!

Traditional Christmas Door Decorations

Most people are aware of the more traditional Christmas door decorations, but our list would not be complete without including them. So here they are:

Christmas wreath on a rustic wooden front door.

  • Wreaths – While wreaths are a traditional door decoration, these days they can actually fall into the crazy category as well. The more traditional wreaths are made of garland or other greenery, ribbons and other natural items.
  • Bows – A beautiful bow on your front door is one of the most classic door decorations. It is both warm and inviting.
  • Garland – Carefully strung garland around a door frame is an exquisite touch to your outdoor Christmas decorations.
  • Snowflakes – A series of handmade snowflakes falling down your front door creates the perfect wintry scene.
  • Fake snow – If your door has glass panes of any kind, fake snow painted in the edges is a perfect holiday decoration.
  • Lights – Holiday lights are one of the most classic decorations. Outline your door to light the path for your family and friends.
  • Message banner – There are so many warm holiday messages that your door banner can communicate. From ‘Happy Holidays’ to ‘Joy to the World,’ pick the message that bests expresses what the season means to you.
  • Berries – Winter berries are a gorgeous touch to any door. Hang them front and center or on the corners to add a hint of color.

Crazy Christmas Door Decorations

And now on to some Christmas door decorations that are a bit more unique and off the wall. You can use these ideas as is or add your own twist to make them truly your own creation!

Christmas ball on the Christmas tree in the background scenery

  • Wreaths – As mentioned above, wreaths have become a bit crazier too, with some made of ornaments, lights and other unusual unconventional items. Your imagination is the limit!
  • Wrapped in a bow – Go all out and fully wrap your door in wrapping paper or just tie it up with a traditional ribbon and bow. This gift-wrapped door is a pure expression of joy and color.
  • Nutcracker – Use some felt and fur to create a nutcracker beard and jacket with belt and buttons on your front door.
  • Rudolph – If your door is protected from the elements you can recreate Rudolph’s head and antlers. Light up his antlers to finish off the look!
  • Snowman – Create a snowman shape out of 3 wreaths (small, medium and large) or out of giant cotton balls. The cotton ball approach takes some patience, but it is worth it!
  • Ornamental Arch – Use outdoor ornaments of all sizes to create a luxurious arch around your front door. This dramatic display will win over all of your neighbors.
  • Gingerbread house – Create a gingerbread house scene on your front door full of candy canes and other pleasures. Talk about inviting!
  • Christmas Tree – Use strands of garland to create a tree shape on your door. Place a star on top to finish the look.

No matter which camp you fall into, one thing is for sure – We can all appreciate the work and thought that people put into their Christmas door decorations. Get adventurous this year and try something new. Your door is the entrance into your home so take the time to make it a focal point of your holiday decorations this year.