How to Make a Christmas Bow

If you’re one of those crafty folks where things like making bows come naturally to you, then you have no need for this article. And hats off to you! But for many people, making a bow (and I mean the kind of bow you can put on the top of your tree or hang on your front door for decoration) is anything but simple. In fact, it can be quite frustrating and leave you with tons of discarded ribbon and wire, yet no Christmas bow. The truth is anyone can make a decorative bow with the proper guidance. So here are the steps to follow so you can learn how to make a Christmas bow.


All you need is some holiday ribbon and floral wire. The ribbon should have wired edges so you can shape it. You can choose extra wide ribbon for a larger, more impressive bow, or you may want to make some smaller bows in which case a more narrow ribbon may be appropriate. Just be sure to think ahead and get a ribbon that will work with the style and size of bow you want to make.

Beginners will also want to have a stapler on hand.


  1. Cut a long piece of ribbon. Err on the side of caution here, and cut the ribbon longer than you think you need so you do not end up running out near the end of your bow.
    Step 2

    Second part of Step 2
  2. Take one end piece of the ribbon and make a loop that is the largest size you want. Pinch and twist the ends together so it is narrow. If you are new to bow-making you can use a staple here to attach these two pieces. Otherwise, just hold the pieces together in your fingers.
  3. Make another equal size loop on the opposite side. Pinch and twist. Feel free to use another staple to hold the pieces together if holding it becomes too difficult.

    Steps 3 and 4
  4. Keep going with the loops, alternating their placement so they are somewhat opposite each other. Do this in a way that gives the bow the shape you want. You can loop all around for a circular bow or you can have a more traditional bow shape with loops on each side. You can also layer loops on top of each other.
  5. When you have all the loops you want, you will need to place one final loop in the center.

    Step 5
  6. Fasten the center using floral wire. Wrap it tightly around the center where your hand is holding everything together. Be sure to keep the center narrow and secure and make several passes around it with the wire.
  7. Leave enough spare wire to fasten the ribbon to a door, banister or whatever you plan on putting it on.
  8. Once the bow is secure you can then play with the shape of your loops more to get them exactly how you want them.


One final thought on how to make a Christmas bow – Remember that there is beauty in imperfection. There is no such thing as a perfect Christmas bow. You can easily drive yourself mad shaping and reshaping loops. Get a ribbon you love and have fun with it. When it is done, spend a little time reshaping it and then accept it for what it is and remember that you made it yourself. Take pride in your holiday work of art!