Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Christmas tree with presents and lights reflecting in windows around the tree in modern home

A Christmas tree is one of the biggest and most beautiful expressions of the holidays. You may have a lot of traditions that surround your Christmas tree. Perhaps you buy it at the same place each year. Perhaps you buy it or put it up on the same day each holiday season. Maybe you even have a tradition around how you decorate it. Ornaments can be passed down from one generation to the next and can carry many memories with them. One simple decoration can have a story behind it that may take you back to a time you cherished. Each year as people unpack their Christmas tree decorations, old stories are uncovered. New ones are formed as new ornaments and other items are added to the tree. If you like to add something new to your tree each year, you may be in need of some Christmas tree decoration ideas. If you want to spice up your tree with a new look, here are some great Christmas tree decoration ideas to try. Some of these ideas add a hint of something new, while others can give your tree a complete makeover!

Christmas Room Interior Design, Xmas Tree Decorated By Lights Presents Gifts Toys, Candles And Garland Lighting Indoors Fireplace

Simple Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

  • Lights –If you have never put lights on your indoor Christmas tree, there is no time like the present. With choices ranging from white to colored to blinking, you can find an arrangement that suits your personality. Lights will keep your Christmas tree glowing all night long.
  • Garland and Tinsel – Sparkling garland and tinsel add some glitter to your tree in an elegant way. Garland can be used to encircle your tree, while tinsel can be placed on various branches to create a sparkling display.
  • Candy Canes – A classic Christmas candy, candy canes also serve as a great way to add some holiday color and fun to your Christmas tree.
  • Popcorn Garland – Nothing is better than edible garland. Enjoy an evening of making (and eating) your popcorn garland.
  • Ribbon – A gorgeous holiday themed wired ribbon can be used to create an elegant masterpiece of a tree. Craft a bow for the top with carefully placed ribbons cascading down in all directions. This one is a show stopper!
  • Winter Berries – Whether strung as garland or placed in clusters around the tree, winter berries add a pop of color and beauty to any tree.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas to Completely Transform Your Tree

Christmas tree with presents and lights reflecting in windows around the tree in modern home

  • Color Theme – Pick one to three colors for your tree and decorate the entire tree from head to toe in that color scheme. From ornaments to lights, this Christmas tree will be one to remember!
  • Go Rustic – Use decorations from nature to adorn your tree. Pine cones, twine and other rustic items can be used to create understated elegance.
  • Flowering Christmas Tree – Use fake flowers arranged in groups or a pattern on your tree to create an unusual, yet stunning, Christmas tree.
  • Snow Tree – A snow and ice themed tree screams Christmas. Stick to a blue and white color scheme and all of the ornaments should of course be related to snow and ice. BRRRR!
  • Retro Tree – Use only your classic old ornaments from when you were a kid to bring your Christmas tree back to the good old days!
  • Countdown to Christmas Tree – You can use your tree as your countdown to Christmas by including small boxes with numbers from 1 through 25 as part of the ornaments. You can then take a box off each day as you count down to the big day itself!
  • Black and White – You have heard of a black and white wedding, so why not a black and white Christmas tree?
  • Holiday Message – Spray paint letters from the craft store and hang them on your tree to spell out a holiday message, such as ‘Seasons Greetings,’ ‘Joy to the World,’ or ‘Noel.’
  • DIY Tree – Decorate your tree with ornaments that are all handmade by you and your family.
  • The Minimalist Tree – Skip the ornaments and keep it classic with just some lights or ribbon.
  • Paint a Tree – Why does your tree have to be green? You can spray paint your tree and make it any color you want!
  • Holiday Card Display – Use your tree to display your holiday cards. You will be able to continue adding decorations as the cards roll in.

Regardless of whether you buy a live tree each year or pull out your artificial one, there is no denying that a well-decorated Christmas tree is a must at holiday time. So why do the same old thing when you can have fun with some new ways to deck out your tree. There are so many options that you can create a unique look each year, exploring new ways to decorate your tree. Merry Christmas and happy decorating!