The History of the Christmas Tree

Most Americans celebrate Christmas by decorating a tree – whether it be artificial or a live tree. For many people, the holidays are simply not complete without a Christmas tree. Without one, where would Santa [..more]

The Meaning of Mistletoe

Ask people what mistletoe is all about, and most people will tell you it is a small green plant that is hung from the ceiling or in doorways at Christmas. And of course most folks [..more]

The Story of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated around the world as both a religious holiday and a secular holiday. Depending on your heritage and beliefs, you and your loved ones may focus on one or both aspects of this [..more]

Where Does Santa Live?

Where does Santa live? It is a common question with a common answer – or is it? Ask any child and they will immediately tell you that Santa lives in the North Pole with Mrs. [..more]

Who Is Santa Claus?

Santa – the man, the myth, the legend. When we hear his name, we immediately conjure up images of warmth, joy and giving. But who is Santa Claus? And just what is the story of [..more]

How Many Reindeer Does Santa Have?

It’s a question that can stump you in a trivia game or that can give you that ‘(rein)deer in the headlights’ look when your children ask it – “How many reindeer does Santa have?” And [..more]