The History of the Christmas Tree

Most Americans celebrate Christmas by decorating a tree – whether it be artificial or a live tree. For many people, the holidays are simply not complete without a Christmas tree. Without one, where would Santa [..more]

The Meaning of Mistletoe

Ask people what mistletoe is all about, and most people will tell you it is a small green plant that is hung from the ceiling or in doorways at Christmas. And of course most folks [..more]

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

A Christmas tree is one of the biggest and most beautiful expressions of the holidays. You may have a lot of traditions that surround your Christmas tree. Perhaps you buy it at the same place [..more]

Christmas Jokes to Brighten Your Season

As if the holidays aren’t fun enough, how about some great Christmas jokes to make you smile even more? This collection of Christmas jokes covers the spectrum from corny to hilarious and is sure to [..more]

How to Make a Christmas Bow

If you’re one of those crafty folks where things like making bows come naturally to you, then you have no need for this article. And hats off to you! But for many people, making a [..more]

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